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Post scholarships for local students.

Workplace Opportunities

Post work-based learning positions and jobs to be viewed by local students.


Create a profile of information and pictures to better inform students about your business and/or industry.


Need to get connected to the next generation of the local workforce? Have job vacancies or opportunities for high school students to learn about your industry?
Here are our benefits:

Connect to your local workforce

Give back to the community

Mentor or help an aspiring student explore your industry

Post your positions on your web-based platform for students to see on their app

How it works

  • Create CUED-In account and log in.
  • Create a business profile that includes pictures so students can better understand your business.
  • Post work-based learning opportunities and job opportunities for students in the high schools/districts of your choice.
  • Attach pdf application or web-link for students to apply to your opportunities.
  • Receive notification of student interest in your listings.