A Career-Focused Future


Our goal is to provide you with the
knowledge to make better career decisions.

Imparting Knowledge

By connecting school counselors and students on one mobile friendly platform, CUED-In opens lines of communication so students can make an informed decision regarding their future.

Local Scholarships

We house locally funded scholarships on our app, making the process of finding and applying for scholarships easy and accessible.


Platform for business to post jobs/internships/volunteer hours/scholarships, and provide basic information about the company

Trade Schools

Provides students with trade industry information

Parent Portal

Allows parent to connect with student(s) and their counselor


Students can see list of deadlines for applications they are working on; counselor can manage deadlines for certain applications
“CUED-IN is an app based software that helps students navigate the financial road to a career, whether that road takes them through college, trade school or apprenticeships.”
  • Student

    Stay connected with local jobs, scholarships, and future possibilities to keep you in the loop.

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The parent connection is coming soon. You will be able to connect with your student(s) and their progress they are making with regards to jobs, trade schools, colleges, and scholarships.

If you want us to contact you when the parent connection is live, sign up here.



Your Students. Their Future. One Platform.

If you want to learn more please send us some information and we will be in touch.


We want to connect you to the potential talent pool in the community.


We want qualified businesses to sign up to offer quality positions to the students in the area to help them grow and succeed in life.


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