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It’s Almost Time for Finals and I need to Study

Late nights, junk food, long days, and all-nighters….Aahhh, yes. It’s almost time for finals. Let me share some study tips to help you prepare for this lovely time of year…   Study less. Now I know you like the sound …

Seth Marsh, CUED-IN Seth Marsh, CUED-IN

Max Gross Take Off Weight Should Not Include Debt

Some day you’ll walk into a bar and there’ll be three guys sitting there, one is a doctor, one a lawyer, and the other a pilot. How do you know which one is the pilot? He’ll tell you, you don’t …

Tim Mindling Jr Tim Mindling Jr

Debt Free is NOT a Novelty

Of all the candid statements I heard about college, not one time did someone say, “You know, you can graduate from college debt free.”   It has become an accepted issue to enter college with loans and leave with debt. …

Lydia Mindling Lydia Mindling
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Our Story

The idea of CUED-IN was born after its founder, Seth Marsh, graduated from college with $90,000 in student loan debt. He quickly realized he was not the only one who had to start his professional life with this kind of financial burden. While working in the business office of a well known university, he discovered that the majority of students and parents he talked to were remarkably uninformed about their options concerning where to go to college, how to pay for college, and how to handle debt after college. At the core of CUED-IN is Seth’s passion for helping people make better decisions about college while avoiding being part of the massive college debt problem that is plaguing our nation. CUED-IN brings together the needed information to help prospective and current students make smarter decisions on their college journey while inviting them to engage in the conversation.

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