What is CUED-In?

Seth Marsh, CUED-IN Seth Marsh, CUED-IN Sep 24, 2019

Cued-In has used the last few years to research and gain valuable input from community leaders in order to provide an easy to use and innovative platform that will meet the needs of the educational and business community and satisfy the requirements of the work-based learning initiative. Employers and school divisions see the need to recruit and prepare students in middle school and high school for local careers. This is an exciting vision to see develop. Providing students with more hands-on-experience within local companies will be a necessary part of recruitment and career preparedness training. 

Be sure to check back next week on Cued-In’s blog to read “Recruiting: Employers Need to Learn from Professional Sports Teams”  for more on this topic CUED-In provides the tool to manage all of the necessary relationships and partnerships that need to be built within the community.  BUT… CUED-In provides additional VALUE by creating customized material for each company, realizing that every business is unique and has different jobs and careers that they need to promote. Even within a career choice, such as welding, there are more than 30 different types of welding and each company may have different needs and requirements. This is true with all available careers within an industry. 

By providing a well-defined career path to each employer’s job, the educational community is better able to design a program to help prepare their students and give them excellent learning and local career opportunities. When businesses provide information about their career options, it also allows students to learn about career possibilities that they were unaware of. CUED-In assists employers by allowing them to upload information about their jobs through our Business Services Package. Employers are able to post: jobs within their company, the necessary skill sets required of their employees, important training and certifications and the best pathway to obtaining a career within their company. This informs everyone involved in the career process and provides a united pathway forward.

In the upcoming year, CUED-In is enhancing our services to help businesses better connect with career seekers in high school and beyond in your local region. The Profile and Pathways program will allow employers to highlight their business and light the pathway for career seekers to find and know what it takes to start a career with their company.

We look forward to continuing to help communities plan and prepare for this change in taking down the silos and building bridges between education and business. Please contact us at info@cued-in.com if you would like for us to join your community team.