Virginia Is For Life-Long Learners

Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day! So, before I write anything else, I want to extend my deep appreciation for my teachers both past and present. Yes, at 53 years old, I still have teachers. They may not carry the title, but I learn every day from others who speak, sometimes unknowingly, into my life. The voices of my past teachers still resonate in my thoughts. Mr. Becker’s gruff “I love you, now get out of here” daily dismissal from math class taught me that love and tough were complementary characteristics. Mrs. Bogner’s “You would make a great lawyer” comment in 5th grade taught me to have a vision beyond the next recess even if I never became a lawyer.

The Virginia Department of Education has begun a new campaign, Virginia is for Learners, to emphasize the need for Future-Ready Learning. This emphasis recognizes the value of all stakeholders in the education of our children.


Mostly by example but also through words, we learn about our value as a person, our moral compass, how to interact with others and to face adversity.  Properly balanced, we develop a teachable spirit, grit and determination, and an ability to envision how to impact the world around us.


From early childhood to post-secondary training, teachers nurture life-long learning. Virginia is emphasizing the 5 C’s: Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Creative Thinking, and Citizenship. The combination of these attributes is essential to the key trait of life-long learners – curiosity! In our rapidly changing and diverse society, curious life-long learners will lead to innovation.


In our homes, neighborhoods, places of worship, business, and industry, the interaction with those around us both creates challenges and the opportunity to creatively resolve them. Life-long learners have been equipped by parents and teachers to do just that.

CUED-In desires to support life-long learning by bridging the gap between education and business. Teachers at all levels are essential to this effort. Our words of appreciation fall short of the honor and respect that is due to all who serve as teachers.


A Teacher is CUED-In