Rockingham/Harrisonburg Works 2018

Based on a letter sent by Bethany Everidge, Harrisonburg City Schools and Eric Fitzgerald, Rockingham County Schools

Dear Employers,

In recent meetings with employers, we have discussed future workforce needs in local business and industry.  From this discussion, we have found that students often do not have connections with potential employers or understand the career opportunities that are available to them in our area.  In response, Rockingham County Public Schools and Harrisonburg City Public Schools are partnering with Cued-In, a local company, to provide an electronic platform where students can access current listings for possible mentorships, internships, apprenticeships, and cooperative education opportunities.  CUED-In has developed a career connections application for our students that will help bridge the gap between education and business.

Rockingham County Public Schools and Harrisonburg City Schools are committed to preparing students with critical/creative thinking, collaboration, and communication skills—skills highly desirable in today’s workforce. You already know the value of these indispensable skills. In addition, our schools are seeking to expand and strengthen the partnership with the business community to reinforce these skills and better prepare students for the workforce. We highly recommend opening a CUED-In business account, by visiting  Once the website is open click “Create an Account” which will start the process of signing up.  Once you sign-up, you can begin to post opportunities for students. (Here is a brief tutorial: We hope that this will give all students an insight into career opportunities in our community.    All postings will be approved by CTE staff before they become “live” to students.

We are having an event at the JMU Festival Center on December 17th to launch this initiative. We have been overwhelmed by the response from the business community, so we have no more space available. However, CUED-In is hosting a YouTube Live event so you can participate virtually (