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Search national database of colleges and send to your student(s).

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Technical School

Search local technical schools and other post-secondary training programs.

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Access local scholarships posted by your counselor and local businesses.

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Stay in touch with the messages from counselors concerning scholarships and work-based learning opportunities for your student(s).

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Workplace Opportunities

Search work-based learning opportunities posted by local businesses.

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Stay up-to-date with your school or district news.

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Create checklists to track deadlines for scholarships and colleges.

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How it works

  • Create a parent account in the app.
  • Your student(s) need to approve your access.
  • View your child(ren)’s career planning development including scholarships, post-secondary education, and work-based learning opportunities.
  • Send messages to your child(ren) to suggest scholarships, postsecondary training, and work-based learning opportunities.