Where can I go to view my saved schools?

Click the icon  to view your dashboard. Underneath “Pathways”, you can find your saved colleges, trade schools, scholarships, and opportunities.

What does the “thumbs up” icon mean?

The icon will save colleges, trade schools, scholarships, and opportunities to your saved lists. Once the icon is green, you will be able to find it on your saved lists.

What does the “paper” icon mean?

Theicon sends a message to your guidance counselor that you are interested in the college, trade school, scholarship, or opportunity. Once the icon is green, your guidance counselor will have been notified.

What does the “+” icon mean?

The icon allows you to compare multiple colleges. Click theicon on the colleges you would like to compare. You can compare three colleges at a time.

How do I view my checklist?

Your checklist can be found at the bottom of the “Dashboard” page. You can add to your checklist by clicking on colleges, trade schools, scholarships, and opportunities you are interested in. Click theicon to add to your checklist.

How can I get to colleges, trade schools, scholarships, and job opportunities?

Click the “Pathways” icon on the dashboard screen to view colleges, trade schools, scholarships, and job opportunities.

How can I communicate with my guidance counselor?

Click theicon on the bar on the bottom of your screen. In the communication center, you can view the messages your guidance counselor has sent you. You won’t be able to send them a message. We are still working on that feature.

If I click “apply” on an internship, am I actually applying for the internship opportunity?

No. By clicking “apply”, you are telling your guidance counselor that you are interested in the opportunity and are planning to apply.

How often are jobs added to the CUED-in platform?

Jobs will be added by your school’s CTE director. The frequency will be at the discretion of the CTE director.  

Can I put a filter on my college search?

Yes. Click the icon on the top right corner of the search bar. You can apply filters based on location, major, degree type, size, tuition, average test scores, and the type of institution.

How can I explore different careers that I am interested in?

Great news! We have a career center coming soon! You will be able to search careers based on the 16 Career Clusters determined by the Department of Education. Through an aptitude test, you will be matched with several careers that might best suit you!

Does CUED-In find businesses for me?

No, the best connections with local business will be through the school system. However, businesses may learn of this opportunity through connections with CUED-IN and sign up through our platform.

Are businesses vetted by CUED-IN?


Yes/No, each district will vet their own businesses, but CUED-In makes sure that they are a viable business before they are able to post jobs.



Does any job posted by a business go on the app for students to see

No, the school district has to approve each and every job posted to their community.

Can I post jobs myself for a business?

Yes, you are able to post a job for a business. Currently, you will need to make sure that you approved the jobs you list.

Is CUED-IN an app for the counselor/coach?

The counselor/coach platform is currently web-based. Future updates may include an app version for counselors/coaches.

Where do I login as a counselor/coach?

Please go to https://app.cued-in.com and input your username and password.

What is the cost to use CUED-In for my school?

Currently, we are allowing students to use the platform at no charge. Please email us at john.barlow@cued-in.com if you are interested in using the platform.

Can a student apply to any job in the local community through the app?

Students cannot apply to the job through the app at first. The student needs to be first approved by the counselor/coach which then would release the application to the student to apply.

Can I post a job within any school district?

Yes, you can post a job with an individual school district, multiple school districts, and/or an individual school.

Do I get to hire my own student(s)?

That depends on the school district you are working with, however, generally each district allows the business to select their own student.

How long can my opportunity be posted?

You are allowed to post your opportunity as long as you would like.  By selecting an end date for your job postings you will allow the students to make sure they get their application submitted by that date. After that date, you can repost the job if it has not been filled.

Can I post any position on CUED-In?

As of now, you can just post jobs for high school students or students who have just graduated.

What is the cost to use CUED-In?

Currently, the platform is no charge for businesses to sign up but we work with the employer to develop their talent pipeline. Please email us at seth.marsh@cued-in.com if you are interested in getting started with building your talent pipeline.

When will students see my opportunities?

Students will not see your opportunity posted immediately. The school district will need to approve the job first.

I am getting too many calls from schools about my job openings, How can I get this to STOP!?

Let the school know that they can sign up with CUED-In so the students and schools get connected to you through our platform. Please email us at john.barlow@cued-in.com.