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COVID-19 has forced our community and world to pause from regular schedules to maintain community health and well-being. Take advantage of this pause to refocus, reconnect, and engage with your community.

Employers and community organizations from your region – with the help of instructors from local schools – will live stream informational sessions to provide you with a test drive of careers, work-culture, entry-level positions, and how to become a top candidate.


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Explore local employers in your region through a collection of employers who will join on-lin to introduce you to their industry, organization, and career pathways.

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Partner with CUED-In and your local schools as a featured guest, to educate future candidates on the career pathways within your organization and trends in your industry. CUED-In supports:

  1. Informational interview outlines
  2. Technical Support
  3. Presentation template

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