Welcome to CUED-In’s Workplace Connections site. The Virginia Department of Education and our state legislators have heard from you that graduates from Virginia schools need to be better prepared to enter the workforce. The new Profile of a Virginia Graduate emphasizes both career planning and workplace skills. Thank you for your interest in supporting your local schools by meeting this objective. This is a FREE tool for all businesses. We believe that this partnership between education and local business will only strengthen our communities.


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CUED-In Workplace Connections site will be available online in May so you will have time to recruit for summer employment, in addition to connecting with students in preparation for other workplace experiences in the coming school year.

Below is a list of workplace experiences that you can offer to student to benefit your local school and community.

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is a method of short-term, school-coordinated career exploration in which the student interviews a competent worker about his/her job and industry and “shadows” (follows) the worker to observe the performance of a variety of job tasks.


Mentorship is a structured, school-coordinated method that enables the student to learn about the industry and the workplace from a selected worker who has a recognized record of achievement in the occupational field.

Service Learning

Service learning is a method in which the student engages in community-service work for a specified number of hours in order to gain developmental experience.


Internship is a progressive, school-coordinated method that places the student in a real workplace environment in order to develop and practice career-related knowledge and skills needed for a specific entry-level job.

Clinical Cooperative

Clinical experience is a form of cooperative education for health and medical sciences students, except that students are not paid for their clinical work. Clinical experience provides the student with an opportunity to integrate knowledge acquired in the classroom with clinical practice, and it affords practice of the fundamental skills, behaviors, and attitudes needed for professional competence in the healthcare field.

Cooperative Education

Cooperative education is a career preparation WBL method that combines CTE classroom instruction with paid employment that is directly related to the student’s plan of study.

Youth Registered

Youth Registered Apprenticeship (YRA) is a career preparation WBL method that integrates school-based and work-based learning to help students gain employability and occupational skills.

Registered Apprenticeships

Registered Apprenticeship is a career preparation WBL method that provides the student with hands-on training from an experienced mentor at the job site in the specified occupation.

General Employment

In accordance with Virginia State Law, this is general employment opportunities. It is not directly related to an educational program.


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