Our Vision

To be the leading community-engaged platform that connects partnerships to create the workforce of the future.



CUED-In is a team of experienced professionals who strive to meet the challenges of our changing workforce and educational systems. With our innovative and user-friendly web and app-based platform, we help career seekers RESEARCH careers to discover their potential and find best-fit careers, enable educators to REACH the future workforce and empower employers to RECRUIT and engage the right talent.

Our Values

We act with integrity, which will be a hallmark (indication) of our organization
We serve each other, our partners and communities
We scatter joy daily
We are faith inspired. Our faith will drive all of our actions
We innovate for tomorrow’s brighter future
We help others not only realize their dreams, but exceed them
We are family focused, always keeping family a first
We invest in all relationships, knowing that they build trust and connection
We are authentic, using our differing and unique gifts to make a difference

Our story

CUED-In Inc. was founded in 2015 by talking with employers, counselors, parents, teachers, and students. We saw that there was no platform out there that connected the career seeker (students) to local opportunities (careers). Also, other platforms help career seekers explore careers but don’t connect them to a local career that would fit that individual. We want to bring everything together because companies are made up of various types of careers that might need a technical or college degree. So CUED-In was formed and is an app and web-based platform that promotes a career-focused, community-connected future by showing various pathways within a local company. We bring all the key players-students, parents, counselors, career coaches, teachers, and businesses-onto one platform, enhancing communication and eliminating the need for multiple websites. Having everyone on the same page promotes seamless, informed, and financially savvy decisions while helping students keep an eye on the ultimate goal that a college or technical school degree provides-a career.