Our goal is to provide you with the
knowledge to make better career decisions.

Imparting Knowledge

By connecting school counselors and students on one mobile friendly platform, CUED-In opens lines of communication so students can make an informed decision regarding their future.

Local Scholarships

We house locally funded scholarships on our app, making the process of finding and applying for scholarships easy and accessible.


We provide a platform for businesses to post jobs/internships/volunteer hours/scholarships, and provide basic information about the company.

Technical Schools/Colleges

We provide students with technical school information and a national database of colleges.

Parent Portal

Our platform allows parents to connect with student(s) and their counselor.


Students can see a list of deadlines for applications they are working on. Counselors can manage deadlines for certain applications.

Your story

This section is not really about us. This story is about a young person like Revery. She is a typical high school student who likes spending time with her friends and hanging out at the Friday night football game. There is, however, one question that she dreads to hear, “What are your plans after high school?”

She has talked to her parents and teachers about her options, but she continues to worry that there are just too many opportunities to make the wrong decision. Her dad is all too quick to remind her of the cost of college and the importance of this decision. It is so overwhelming that she just doesn’t want to think about it.

At her orientation for her junior year, her school counselor asks the students to download an app called CUED-In. This app, she is told, will help her see local opportunities to explore in the career planning process. Using the app, she sets up two job shadowing experiences, which allow her to explore two different careers that she decides don’t fit her passions and skills.

While texting her mom about her practice being canceled, she notices a notification on her CUED-In app. Opening the app, she discovers a message from Mr. Tomlin, her biology teacher: “Thought of you when I saw this. You asked great questions about the aging process the other day.” Attached is the link to a volunteer opportunity at the local Alzheimer’s Research Agency. She saves the link, downloads the job application, speaks to her school counselor and is soon beginning the volunteer experience after school. On her second visit, she is asked to prepare a graph using statistics for an upcoming newsletter. This is fascinating! She discovers that better information and data means better care for the patients and families impacted by Alzheimer’s.

Revery begins to search for post-secondary training opportunities for her newfound interest. Through her CUED-In app, she discovers her local community college has a “management analyst” program. Upon graduation, she begins working part-time at the Alzheimer’s Research Agency office while training to be an analyst at the community college. She is still exploring more options such as transfer programs to a university, but, for now, Revery is enjoying her training and making an impact on her community.

As you can see, this is not one story. It is many. It could be your son, your student . . . it could be you. CUED-In is the tool that can help each story and each pathway become a reality through more informed decisions. We invite you to write your own story or guide another through their story.

Our story

CUED-In Inc. was founded in 2015 by talking with counselors, parents, teachers, and students. We saw that there was no platform out there that connects the student to local opportunities (jobs, internships, shadowing). Also, other platforms point students to just college bound careers. We want to bring everything together because all careers are needed no matter if it takes you to college or a technical school. So CUED-In was formed and is an app and web-based platform that promotes a career focused, community connected future by showing students various pathways to a career. We bring all the key players—students, parents, counselors, career coaches, teachers, and businesses—onto one platform, enhancing communication and eliminating the need for multiple websites. Having everyone on the same page promotes seamless, informed, and financially savvy decisions while helping students keep an eye on the ultimate goal that a college or technical school degree provides—a career.

Our people

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